Poll Of The Day: Which Ios 8 Feature Would You Rather Have

As anticipation for Ios 8 grows, we can not help but wonder what new features will come with the new software. So for our poll of the day we are asking you to decide what feature you will rather have in Ios 8. Would you rather have the option to face time with more than one person at the same time or would you rather have more flexibility with your phone. When we say flexibility we mean the option to add custom themes and the option to also delete the preinstalled apps on the iPhone because let’s be honest we hardly ever use some of them.

Written By Peter Jideonwo

How To Turn Off Automatic Updates

Ios 7 allows the app store to update your apps automatically. Here at Iphoneteam we understand that your battery life is very important to you. We are going to show you how to turn it off, and maybe save some battery life in the future.

To turn off auto updates:

  1. Open your Iphone settings
  2. Hit the Itunes and App store Tab
  3. Slide the updates button to off

Once this is turned off, you will have to update your iphone manually. We suggest you update your iphone when you are plugged up to a power source and are connected to a Wifi network.

By Peter Jideonwo

Simple step-by-step video on how to jailbreak your iPhone.