Poll Of The Day: Which Ios 8 Feature Would You Rather Have

As anticipation for Ios 8 grows, we can not help but wonder what new features will come with the new software. So for our poll of the day we are asking you to decide what feature you will rather have in Ios 8. Would you rather have the option to face time with more than one person at the same time or would you rather have more flexibility with your phone. When we say flexibility we mean the option to add custom themes and the option to also delete the preinstalled apps on the iPhone because let’s be honest we hardly ever use some of them.

Written By Peter Jideonwo

Poll Of The Day: How Loyal Are you?

When I talk to many mobile enthusiasts, I always hear different opinions on why a certain device is better or why they will never switch from a certain brand. In my opinion the iphone is the best phone out there because it is a simple phone and it can do everything that I need it to do. Having said that i will always be an iphone user. That might now be the same for you. From various studies, it has been determined that Apple has the most loyal customers to date, but how loyal are they?

Here’s the scenario: If you had a choice between a free samsung galaxy s5 or the ability to buy the Iphone 5s for only $10, which deal would you?

Written By Peter Jideonwo

Are You Ready For A Change

An iphone users wet dream. Word on the street, is that the iphone 6 is coming out in september. We might experience a new name change as many in the iphone community speculate that the new device would be called the iphone Air. How do you feel about that?


Eye popping right? The photo above shows a new and redesigned iphone with a thinner and curvy design. This picture matches up with many casings and cases that have leaked over the few weeks and because of that we are almost sure that this will be the new iphone. 

At this point it is hard to say exactly what changes and improvements will be made with the new Iphone but with all the features that have been leaked we are sure that the new Iphone will make a big splash on the market.

Written By Peter Jideonwo

How to Jailbreak your device on ios 7

Hurray!! What  we have all been waiting for.

A jailbreak for our apple device. This tutorial will help you complete this process in no time.

What you will need:

  • 5 Minutes to finish the very fast process
  •  A computer running windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Your apple device that has been updated to Ios 7
  • A usb cable to connect you apple device

Important Notes:

  1. Back up your device before you jailbreak it.
  2. Disable the passcode lock to avoid any issues
  3. Avoid using iTunes for anything else while jail breaking.
  4. If the device freezes. It is 100% safe to restart the program.


If you are using a mac

Download here -> smarturl.it/iosmac


If you are using windows

Download here-> smarturl.it/ios7windows

By Peter Jideonwo

How To Turn Off Automatic Updates

Ios 7 allows the app store to update your apps automatically. Here at Iphoneteam we understand that your battery life is very important to you. We are going to show you how to turn it off, and maybe save some battery life in the future.

To turn off auto updates:

  1. Open your Iphone settings
  2. Hit the Itunes and App store Tab
  3. Slide the updates button to off

Once this is turned off, you will have to update your iphone manually. We suggest you update your iphone when you are plugged up to a power source and are connected to a Wifi network.

By Peter Jideonwo

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